What Are The Best Steps to Take to Develop an Erasmus+ Project?

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Find out about the necessary steps you should take to develop your Erasmus+ project by reading on.

Define Your Project Goal

Firstly, define a project goal. How many students do you want to send on Erasmus+? You also need to define your participant profile, so which sector of education they work in, what type of internships they want to do, the type of work experience they might do and in what areas. For example, in tourism, hotels, IT, management, construction, hairdressers – whatever you want, we can place your students. You should also decide where you want your Erasmus+ or Turing Scheme project to take place and this could be in two or three destinations that you and your students are most excited about.


What’s Your Required Duration?

Additionally, you should decide on the duration of your Erasmus+ mobility, a normal duration would be between 2 to 4 weeks and then as you grow your project in the coming years, you can do longer mobilities.


Pro-Tips When Developing Your Project

Here’s a pro tip! Only involve a small team during the planning stage, if you involve too many people, it becomes complicated.

Another good tip is to get help. There are lots of experts out there who can help you, for example, colleagues who’ve done Erasmus+ before and we work with lots of retired teachers at TravelEdventures. They’re happy to share their knowledge with you to get your Erasmus+ project off the ground or expand your project even further.

Want some help with planning your Erasmus+ or Turing Scheme project? Get in touch with our team by clicking here.