Top Tips for Dissemination Section of the Erasmus+ and Turing Scheme Application

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One of the most frequently asked questions that we receive with regard to applying for the EU’s Erasmus+ scheme and the UK’s equivalent, The Turing Scheme, is the dissemination section – and yes, if you don’t know what it’s all about, it might feel a little confusing! So, we’re going to give you some top tips in this piece, so you debunk this section and get to grips with dissemination fast!

Ask Yourself Some Questions Too!

Similar to what we’ve said before it’s important to present different areas for the dissemination so ask yourself the following questions

  • Who are the target audience?
  • Where is dissemination going to happen? For example, is it going to happen in your school and from there make sure you publicise where. For example, you can update the venue on your school ‘s website or send out leaflets and flyers with the venue information to get the word out.
  • It’s worth mentioning that the dissemination might be in a written document that comes from your mobility project, for example, a booklet, an e-book, a publication, an e-training project, a website, a presentation or other method. Here’s an example from the past. One particular project was to present to the education board in a certain region in Italy. The participants had to consider how to present, when and where. Furthermore, think about how the project will be translated into an activity for the future, so it’s an ongoing process. Remember, it should be easily and effectively communicated to other people.
  • The type of dissemination you choose for your project is entirely up to you, but you really must show that it touches a wider audience.

Think About the Future of Your Project

Do remember that the dissemination stage is not just a one-time communication – and once you’ve presented it, that’s not the end of it! For a successful project, you need to ensure that the future of your project is cemented. So, when considering dissemination and linking the impact of your project – look to the future, how you’ll follow it up and how you’ll publicise it to an even wider audience.

For further information on Erasmus+ and The Turing Scheme, get in touch with the TravelEdventures team here.