The 9 Steps that Follow Your Erasmus+ or Turing Scheme Application

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Portrait of young man filling in application form

Are you wondering what happens after you submit your Erasmus+ or Turing Scheme students’ applications? It’s worth understanding the process because there’s so much that goes on behind the scenes before your students or learners step on the plane to their chosen destination! We’ll tell you exactly what’s involved – with some useful information that’s worth knowing once you’ve pressed the send button and the applications wing their way across for approval.

  • At TravelEdventures, as your partners for your exciting adventure, we start looking at your students’ applications as soon as we’ve got them. We look at what your students have done – and what they want to do specifically.
  • Next, it’s the Letter of Intent stage and that means we create letters of intent with all hosting companies and hosting schools that match your criteria.
  • Now it’s a waiting game and it’s important to stay positive as there’s everything to play for! We’ve just launched your application and usually it’s a two to three month wait time. Once that period’s over, we’ll hopefully receive the positive result you ant!
  • Once you’ve received that positive result, TravelEdventures starts planning your mobility abroad. To do this, we revisit your application and what you want to achieve to refresh our memory! What’s been planned, what’s been funded? Once we’ve refreshed our memory – we go straight into step 5.
  • This step is about organising your mobility abroad and looking at planning your project.
  • Step 6 is the list stage – and there are a lot of them! We’ll start preparing the accommodation list in your city of choice. We also need to know about any dietary requirements (if any) , who’s going to share with whom, passport information and then we move onto travel arrangements.
  • In step 7 we book flights, your students are no doubt starting to get very excited.
  • Two weeks before departure, we usually have everything ready for you, that includes activities, flights, accommodation and the local group leaders will get in touch with your students and begin having conversations with each of them to get to know them – and get them ready for the exciting adventure ahead!
  • Step 9 is the successful project execution where our local team will take over and look after your students for the duration of their stays.

So if you’re interested in Erasmus+ or the UK’s scheme, The Turing Scheme, get in touch with our team today and start the process…