BREXIT – What’s New for You? The Turing Scheme

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Goodbye Erasmus+ Hello Turing!

2020 went down in history, especially for the United Kingdom. The country said goodbye to the European Union and the support program Erasmus+ while welcoming a new student exchange program called the Turing Scheme. Undoubtedly, the introduction of this great opportunity brings new opportunities and benefits for British citizens that we want to address in this blog. By the end of this article, you will understand more about this life-changing educational Scheme and maybe you will be one of the first to participate in this great program!


Let’s Start With the Basics

The Turing Scheme, which was named after the Bletchley Park codebreaker Alan Turing, is the replacement Scheme for the well-known Erasmus+ mobility. It takes over from Erasmus+ since the UK withdrew from the EU. From September 2021 onward, the Turing exchange program will send UK students out to discover the world and come back with a suitcase full of memories and precious experiences they will benefit from throughout their life.


Hello World!

In contrast to Erasmus+, the Turing Scheme allows students to work or study in various destinations across the world, not only in the European Union and a couple of other non-EU-countries. The exact nations are not confirmed as yet, however they will most likely focus on the Commonwealth and the USA, meaning that you have the possibility to discover new destinations and enjoy your exchange experience outside of Europe. We will keep you updated on the destinations on our blog.


Funding? Yes, please!

The funding for young students going abroad remains the same. In fact, £ 100 million will be spent to fund this project in order to enable 35,000 UK students to study or work abroad. Importantly, the Turing Scheme’s endeavour is to encourage and support disadvantaged people, so that they will also be able to also participate in a Turing exchange stay and have a meaningful experience.


International Understanding & Peace

As well as young students receiving financial support for going abroad and the valuable international experience that they’ll gain, the Turing Scheme’s purpose is to strengthen ties between international partners as well as to boost international understanding beyond Europe.

Furthermore, the program encourages keeping the peace between the UK and participating countries of the Turing Scheme. The UK is therefore a role model, e. g. for the Erasmus+ program, since the Turing Scheme connects countries within and outside Europe by sending UK students there to enjoy an abroad experience that is funded by the UK.

We are confident that the new students’ exchange program, the Turing Scheme will be a great opportunity for British students. Just because the well-known Erasmus+ program is not available for the UK anymore, doesn’t mean that the students will not still be able to enjoy a great experience abroad. The new program will give students a great experience in and beyond Europe.

Is there any information missing about the new Turing Scheme? Please feel free to contact us so we can help. Remember, we are in constant communication with our partners, delivering updates and new opportunities for our clients. Our top priority is for students to benefit from any educational opportunities and be your number one contact for a long-lasting cooperation with universities and schools.

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