Another Brilliant Erasmus+ Case Study

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When you are organising an Erasmus+ Project, it’s always good to see some of our Erasmus+ best case studies. Here’s yet another shining example of what we do and how we do it! 

There are many things you need to keep in mind when organising your Erasmus+ mobility experience. In our opinion, the three most important things are:

  • Managing your Erasmus+ Application
  • Managing your Erasmus+ Project
  • Collecting and managing all the Erasmus+ Documents


So let’s take a look at this case study:

One day, one of our Traveledventures employee was contacted by Natalie, an Erasmus+ Project Manager from a vocational college in the UK.  She wanted to discuss organising her college’s future Erasmus+ internship.

We talked about organising the college’s next year’s mobility and Natalie mentioned she was concerned that the current agency she was using was overcharging.  We don’t usually poach from other agencies and we explained this to Natalie, actually recommending that she stick with the original agency.

However, once we discussed the pricing for the next year’s Erasmus+ project, Natalie quickly concluded that her current Erasmus+ partner was overcharging her significantly!  You can see further information regarding the costs of organising an Erasmus+ mobility in our article How Much Does an Erasmus+ Internship Cost to Organise?".

So we checked the quote that Natalie had given us from her agency and it was clear that they had proposed accommodation that would have been substandard.  Additionally, the price was positioned at the top-end of their Erasmus+ budget which could have resulted in a mild disaster for the group!

Luckily, we were able to solve the problem by creating a cracker of an offer for her group!

So, we made a very transparent offer for them with much better accommodation, more pocket money, additional meals and otherwise similar inclusions, for a fair price. We also offered to arrange everything for their Erasmus+ stay, including flights to give the group additional budget protection. 

Natalie ended up being very happy with the Erasmus+ package we provided and felt confident that her students and staff were in good hands. She was excited for her students to experience an opportunity that had the potential to be life-changing for them.

Obviously, there were deadlines to keep in mind to complete the Erasmus+ application. As these deadlines also coincided with her teaching schedule, she had little time in which to complete the Erasmus+ proposal.

While Natalie had already found a great partner (Traveledventures) for executing her Erasmus+ project, she also needed help with the Erasmus+ application for next year (specifically the 2020 application).

When Natalie reached out to us, we helped her with our complimentary funding support.
Fast forward a few months and Natalie’s school has received over 300,000 Euro in Erasmus+ grant money, to enable an amazing educational experience for 120 students and 20 staff members in several different European countries.

Unfortunately, because of Covid-19 the trip was postponed and again Natalie felt lucky to have worked with us. We were able to shift the Erasmus+ mobility to a time post-Covid-19 without charging any additional costs for moving the date.

We also found out in May that her improved and expanded Erasmus+ funding application had been approved, enabling her to provide Erasmus+ mobilities post-Covid-19 for more than 100 of her students. We had helped her with improving her Erasmus+ application and expanding at no additional cost!

The great thing about all of the above is that Natalie now has us on her side, with the most advanced technology available to help manage the documentation of her Erasmus+ project and saving her tons of time once Erasmus+ mobilities start, kicking- off again after Covid-19.

So if you would like our help with getting your Erasmus+ project started or expanded, or need some additional help with your Erasmus+ project management, why not read our article The best Erasmus+ Agencies in Europe or simply get in touch with us, we’d love to help!


In this article we looked at:

  • How to manage the Erasmus+ Application
  • How to manage the Erasmus+ Project
  • What you should pay attention to when collecting and managing all the Erasmus+ Documents

Our guide for Erasmus+ funding applicants and our Handbook for Erasmus+ Project Management & Execution is helping our clients with their Erasmus+ application process.


New Program Starting in September 2021:

The UK introduced their replacement program for Erasmus+. It is called Turing Scheme and supports young UK students with funding their internship abroad. Read our article Erasmus+ vs. Turing and  What to Expect from a Turing Internship.

Did you find this article helpful? Let us know how you manage your Erasmus+ or Turing project!