Why Take a Turing Scheme or Erasmus + Intern in a Small Company?

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If your small business does not have an internship programme, you may be missing out. It could be an enormous bonus, because today, interns can immediately be productive, bring you more connections, and could even be nurtured as future employees, making recruitment, and onboarding much easier.


Not convinced yet? Here are at least five advantages that an Erasmus + or Turing Scheme intern can bring to your small business:


New Skills

Time passes quickly and technology is developing even faster. Today’s students have much more know how about computer technology and they are comfortable with it, they know how to research and get answers. The interns of tomorrow have a lot of social media skills and the learning curve is much shorter, plus they are eager to learn more. This makes it much easier to plug an intern into your organisation and see their impact right away.


Ready for the Workplace

Of course, not all interns are going to be as polished in the workplace or as effective as you might have hoped for, but the good news is when we mediate internships with Erasmus + or the Turing Scheme, we only send those students that fit perfectly with your company’s needs. They are in an apprenticeship or school that relates to your business. We check the skills before connecting them with potential employers. If you worry it’s too risky to hire an inexperienced student, let us tell you that you will be surprised of what they are capable of doing!


Save Costs

Recruiting staff is a costly business for small employers. Taking interns from Erasmus + or the Turing Scheme does not cost you anything. When students apply for Erasmus + or the Turing Scheme, it is funded. The first time you hire an intern, you need to create a plan on what interns tasks can be taken over, and yes this might take some time but afterwards you will save money, because recruiting will happen through referrals. That means you don’t need to spend anything on finding future interns and you will even find that full-time jobseekers will contact you.


Help You to Hire Others

Students have significant networks, and assuming you have a happy intern, the chances are that they will refer friends and acquaintances for future internship or career opportunities. So, the cooperation with your intern’s school will also bring you constant applications for an internship from other students studying there. That’s something that can save you recruitment time and costs.


Internship Programmes are Good for Your Brand

Nothing says you care more about your community and its students than a nurturing and development-focused Erasmus + or Turing Scheme internship programme. It’s something you will get referred to either by word-of-mouth or even on certain rating platforms online!


If you are interested in taking students for internships, do not hesitate to contact us. At TravelEdventures, we look forwards to hearing from you. Just tell us what your company is looking for. Contact us here.

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