9 Steps After Your Erasmus+ or Turing Application

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You want to request for an Erasmus + or Turing Application for your upcoming projects. But you don’t know what to do next after you get it. In this blog you will get an idea what is happening next, and what are the steps involved after your Erasmus + or Turing application? So here is a little step-by-step instruction for you with the upcoming steps.

Step 1 - Application

The first and most important step, is of course starting with the funding application for Turing/Erasmus+. If you need help at this time, here you will a find a step-by-step instruction for your Erasmus + application.

Any school/agency that is entitled can apply for the next 7 years. Every year in February or March, you can submit a budget application, if the number of students varies, you can announce this annually. If you get accreditation, you have a budget commitment for the next 7 years, the number of students can then be announced every year.


Step 2 - Letter of Intent

Can be but does not have to be: LETTER OF INTENT, as soon as the funding application is submitted, you will receive some good companies from us. But if you are questioning now, what is a letter of Intent, it is called shortly LOI, and it is a Declaration of Intent that a certain number of students can work for a company, this can be prepared in advance, this increases the chances of a positive funding application!


Step 3 - Be Positive

Waiting for the answer to the funding application.

It is different how long it takes the National Agency to apply (each country has its own NA and needs different lengths of time), usually at the beginning of February you apply, after 2-3 months the customer should receive an answer.


Step 4 - Start the Project with TravelEdventures

If you received a positive answer from the National Agency, we from TravelEdventures will start with the organisation. We prepare the contract, arranging all the details with the school to organise internships. Searching a perfect accommodation, which fits you. This could be an apartment or a guest family. We are helping with every single detail. We could also arrange the flights and make the check in for you. An all-round package if you want.


Step 5 - Internship Organisation 

We are organising the internships for you. What is important, to make sure you will get a very good Erasmus+ or Turing placement? The CV’s are important for the first appearance. We have prepared a template from a Europass CV for you if you are unsure and will send this to you. In this step, you will be contacted by our TravelEdventures group leader. This group leader will als accompany you during your first week at your destination, when the internships are starting, and will help the students settle in.


Step 6 - List List List

We need a list filled out then for the organisation: But it sounds more dramatic as it's just a Participant-Roomsharing List, that is all we need.

Deadline: We need these list as well as the Europass CVs no later than 2 months before the start of the internship


Step 7 - OPTIONAL: Flight Booking

As mentioned, we could also arrange the flights and make the check in for you. In this case we need a passport list as well. For some information about visa obligation please contact the relevant embassy. We cannot accept any responsibility or liability with respect to your students' visa requirements.


Step 8 - Two Weeks Before Departure

Two weeks before the start of the internship you will receive all necessary information about your accommodation, the airport transfers, the internship company data, the public transport tickets, etc. from your TravelEdventures group leader. We are always in a good communication with you, to make sure you will get everything you need.


Step 9 - Successful Project Execution

After the successful project implementation, apply for the next project and go back to step 1. 😊

We are looking forward, to organise your students a great internship in a company that fits your requirements and make a wonderful well-organised experience.


We also share lots of content on our website and will be more than delighted to get in touch with you to help you with your individual Erasmus+ or Turing stay. 


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