Why We Overdeliver for our Erasmus+ and Turing Clients

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Hand with marker writing We Believe in Making a Difference

We believe strongly that the secret to TravelEdventures’ success is that we always try to overdeliver. In fact, we believe that we have to overdeliver! By going the extra mile, we keep hold of our clients – and our reputation keeps on growing.


The Second Largest Erasmus+ Organisation in Europe

Unlike other organisations that do the same as what we do (although we offer better service in our opinion!), we didn’t start twenty years ago with thousands of students. We only started six years ago, and we’re delighted with the numbers we have now. In fact, since we first opened our doors, we’ve grown to the second largest student placement company in Europe and we’re sure that we’ll be the largest in a year or two.

So, the secret sauce is that we overdeliver and we make sure that everybody involved in any Erasmus+ trip is more than happy. That’s because we’re in it for the long run!


An Example of When We Overdeliver

Here’s a story that serves as a great example as to how we like to do things at TravelEdventures. We have a client from Greece, a big client who sends around a thousand students a year on Erasmus+ mobilities. Before us, they used an organisation based in Austria to organise their Erasmus+ mobilities. One day, we received a phone call from them. They were in the middle of an Erasmus+ mobility programme with their previous organisation but it was not going well, and they were unhappy. If you’re sending 1000 students abroad, you need to feel confidence that you’re using the best possible partner. That was not the case for them at this stage, their Austrian partner was not delivering on their promise. So, they asked us if we could help.

While it was exceptionally short notice, we obviously said yes. It was a remarkable opportunity for us to shine. We quickly mobilised our team within just one day and we made sure that the students on the Erasmus+ mobility met the criteria properly (because if you don’t, you don’t get funding). We also made sure that the students had the best last few days of their stays abroad and – we didn’t even charge them!

Our Greek client was so impressed, he immediately asked if we could organise other destinations for his students and that was the start of a superb professional relationship that still continues today. Now, we deal with their entire Erasmus+ requirements – placing around 1000 Greek students every year. That’s because we overdelivered.

We’ll continue to overdeliver too. We know that it’s not a short game, we’re in it for the long term!


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