Spotlight On Vienna

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Ferris wheel at Prater, in Vienna, Austria.-2

Embarking on an Erasmus+ mobility abroad is one of the most exciting opportunities you’ll possibly ever experience in life! The EU’s work and study placement scheme is still hugely popular and gaining momentum every year. Part of the appeal is the ability to indulge yourself in a different culture, immerse yourself in a new way of life while furthering your studies, gaining more independence and meeting people who’ll likely become lifelong friends.

There are a multitude of other benefits too, not to mention improved employment opportunities later on because employers value Erasmus+ experiences listed on CVs, plus with grants available, Erasmus+ is open to students coming from all walks of life, all over the EU.

If you’ve decided that you’re going to further your learning on Erasmus+, you’ll be spoilt for choice in terms of destinations. We can tell you that one of the most popular destinations is Vienna, the capital city of Austria, just brimming over with rich history, tremendous amounts of culture, fantastic shopping opportunities and plenty for students and learners to do on a social level. Let’s look at an Erasmus+ stay in Vienna in a little more detail.

Vienna May Be Higher In Terms of Cost of Living

While Vienna isn’t the cheapest option for Erasmus+ mobilities, it’s still a fantastic city to choose. Your accommodation costs will be in the region of 350 Euros a month if you choose shared accommodation in shared flats or dormitories. However, transport is affordable. Buy a termly ticket for public transport for around 150 Euros (if you’re under the age of 26). That way you can use the metro, trams and buses as much as you want to explore the city. If you want to be more eco-friendly and save cost, you could hire a bicycle, the city offers bikes wherever you go.

There’s So Much to Do!

As a city that has many students, there are always things to do such as parties, bars and a vibrant nightlife. You can enjoy café culture or relax after a day at university or work in one of the many bars and clubs, the ideal opportunity to meet like-minded people too and make friends for life!

Do take advantage of the student associations because they often organise trips and activities.

A Place of Cultural Enrichment Awaits

Then there’s the cultural side of Vienna. Vienna has an abundance of museums such as the Schönbrunn Palace, the Austrian National Library and the famous Spanish Horse School. The Austrian National Library is a must-visit for students and if you like classical music, plan a trip to the Vienna State Opera. That’s just a taster – Vienna is known for its incredible architecture and everywhere you walk you’ll see beautiful buildings that date back hundreds of years.

When eating out, there are lots of delicious Austrian dishes that you must try! So be like a local and try a Wiener Schnitzel, sip Viennese coffee and eat chocolate cake – Sachertorte as well as Apple Strudel topped with whipped cream – a must when ordering coffee in one of the many cafés you’ll see spilling out onto cobbled streets. If you’re there during the colder months, warm up with a Viennese soup called Frittatensuppe which is made with beef consommé and pancakes, delicious!

There are Lots of Places to Visit Outside of Vienna

Of course, if you’re in Vienna, you can also travel outside of the city, there are lots of other places to venture to such as Salzburg, Hallstatt and Bratislava or why not cross the border and travel to Budapest in Hungary? The beauty of Austria is its many European neighbours.

Final Words On Choosing Vienna as an Erasmus+ Destination

Studying and working in Vienna through Erasmus+ opens up a world of opportunities. You can study in every field imaginable and gain the ultimate life experience of living away from home. Enjoy even better chances of employment with an Erasmus+ qualification on your CV and make friends for life, Erasmus+ is something every European student should try. For further information on Erasmus+ contact the TravelEdventures team by clicking here.