The Power of Having Teams on the Ground for Erasmus+/Turing Students

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While there are quite a few companies that offer something similar to TravelEdventures, we genuinely do stand out from the crowd, because of so many reasons. One of those reasons is that we boast the biggest database of Erasmus+ project partners and we’re so proud of that! Our large database means that we have an abundance of partners in all different countries working alongside us. This means we don´t necessarily use our own organisation as a partner for the applicant, but rather provide the best possible partner that fits the unique needs of the applicant’s project.

Our Own Staff in Every Destination

That’s great – but what makes it even better is that we have our own, TravelEdventures’ staff actually on the ground in all of these nations. No matter what size, we even have staff in really exotic destinations, like the little islands of Curacao, for example (these happen to be a part of the Erasmus+ Scheme because they’re Dutch-owned). These islands are ideal for students in the field of tourism, and we send lots of students there. What makes it even more attractive is that we work with some incredible 5-star luxury resorts. The students love that! It’s a really special destination and we have plenty of other, similar exceptional Erasmus+ or Turing destinations like that. Find out more about the destinations we cover here. On our blog we regularly update and discuss Erasmus+ and Turing destinations.


Always High Quality

We’re proud of our quality too and that’s down to the people we have on the ground. We produce everything in-house. The bonus is that it gives us the ultimate quality control. What we do is always the very best.


We Can Move Staff Around the Globe as Needed

As we have people on the ground, we’re reactive. As an example, there is always a high season and a low season. So, you have a season where students want to go somewhere hot, with access to a beach. You also have a season where students want to visit an inland destination. Sometimes, things get really busy, but we don’t worry about that because if we run into pressure during a high season, when there’s extra demand, we can quickly pull our own staff from other destinations to help. That’s a big USP and a unique advantage over other companies that do what we do. What we’ve noticed with other companies is that their team only work where their Headquarters is – which makes it hard to move staff around the globe. Whereas if we need people in the Czech Republic fast, we simply deploy some of our staff from Poland and they’re in the Czech Republic within just a couple of hours to support the group leader there.


Round the Clock Assistance

Our staff pretty much works round the clock for us and that’s because we have assistance around the globe. As an example, for our market in Spain, we have another team in Peru, a completely different time zone but they speak the same language. So, when the Spanish team goes home for the day, the Peruvian team are still there, working hard and passing over information so that in the morning, the Spanish team has anything they’ve requested there waiting for them. That’s another great USP!

With TravelEdventures, you get 24-hour support – staff in every Erasmus+ or Turing destination and someone there for you and your students – that’s what makes us streets ahead of our competition! Get in touch here to discuss your Erasmus+ or Turing Scheme mobility.

See for yourself what our CEO Markus Bichler has to say about the power of having people on the ground for Erasmus+ & Turing projects on our YouTube video link here.