Should You Apply for Erasmus+ or Turing This Year?

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2020 and the beginning of 2021 has been a crazy year.
In the field of Erasmus+ and Turing we have had many changes. Schools are busy and for all those projects we have a big backlog of funded mobilities and participants who are keen to go – as soon as it´s safe again. So many organisations still have their pockets full of funding from last year’s funding round or even from 2 or three years back.

So many of our Erasmus+ project partners and NGOs across Europe are asking us:

  • Should we apply for another Erasmus+ round this year?
  • Should we apply for the new Turing Scheme this year?

And if we do hand in an Erasmus+ or Turing application, can you please let us know how to get help with applying for the Erasmus+ and Turing Scheme? But to be completely honest. Many potential applicants this year, will not hand in an Erasmus+ or Turing  application this year. When talking to our project partners from all across Europe we get a good sentiment of the current mood. And here is a few of the reasons why several of our partners were thinking not to apply for Erasmus+ or Turing this year.

  • We still have money from our last year’s Erasmus+ projects and we want to spend that first.
  • We have postponed our Erasmus+ flows already and are just wanting to finish our old projects before we focus on something new.
  • On top of that, everyone is busy with the craziness that Covid-19 (or should we call it Covid 19-20-21??) has brought upon us…

Working from home, kid-wrangling, not having seen team members in person for months, … is making the application a bit harder to coordinate.

Erasmus+ has re-vamped their application process and with the new Turing Scheme having been put in place very recently, the whole process is new. So many of our regular project partners were thinking… Well, I will just sit this Erasmus+ or Turing funding round out, and get in next year. And fair enough, they have all the right to do think like that, and some of them may decide not to apply this year. Before they make a final decision it´s important that we tell them what it will mean for them, if they do decide to hand in an Erasmus+ or Turing application this year?

The short answer is, there is an incredible number of benefits for applicants to get their foot in the door with an Erasmus+ or Turing application this year.

And these are the most important reasons why we recommend applying for Erasmus+ and Turing funding this year:


Less Competition for Erasmus+ and Turing Funding Due To Less Applications Being Handed In


In a normal year a good number of organisations and applications are handed in. And they are all competing to receive Erasmus+ and Turing funding. Some of the largest organisations are not applying this year, or are just getting the “foot in the door” with a small volume application. This is why this year is a fantastic year to start a new Erasmus+ or Turing application. There won´t be as much competition as usual when it comes to receiving Erasmus+ or Turing funding this year.


Plenty of Funding to Go Around: Additional Funds for Vocational Learners Have Been Freed Up


Both Turing and Erasmus+ have significantly increased available funding for vocational learners (vet-learner) projects. 

Erasmus+ funds for vocational learners have almost doubled as compared to last year and the Turing Scheme has even gotten rid of some other funding categories altogether, in order to free up more funds for vocational colleges.

For a quick SUMMARY of funding amounts for vocational learners with the Turing schemecheck out our blog article: What is a typical budget for the new Turing scheme in the field of Vocational learners?


Consistency is King


When we talk to our current Erasmus+ and Turing project managers we always recommend consistency. Applying this year for an Erasmus+ or Turing project means that you get the “foot in the door” early on. Even if you still have leftover funds from the past, it still makes sense to at least get started with a small new project. To get acquainted with the updated application process and take the opportunity to get good at it from the start.

Being able to show that you are consistently running and positively managing an Erasmus+ or Turing project will only give you bonus points for further applications down the track.

So, get your foot in the door now with a new application and reap the benefits in the future.


Exciting New Destinations Available for Turing Applicants


With the Turing Scheme there are a plethora of new exciting destinations available. So, it´s exciting to make connections with new partners in destinations as awesome as New York or Sydney or as “exotic” as Cuba. Check our article here to find out our most exciting new TURING Scheme destinations. It will blow your mind 😊

We actually recommend to take advantage of all these new and exciting Turing destinations, and start applying now.


You Can Only Win by Getting an Application in Now

The good thing is that you get help with your application (for example from us) and you will nail the application. This will set you up for years to come with a consistent project. You will still receive a feedback on how to improve the Erasmus+ or Turing application even further in the future. It will make sure that you have a consistent project going on and give you the opportunity to grow and expand the Erasmus+ or Turing project in the future.
Here is a great case study on how we have helped a college from the UK successfully expand their project in the past.

And what is the worst case that can happen? The worst case that can happen is, that you have applied and you have not received funding. You will receive a fantastic feedback in order to nail it next time. And with a little bit of help from our great network of seasoned application writers, we can make sure you get the best help possibly for your application. We are extremely proud to cooperate and share our knowledge with some of the best Erasmus+ application writers in Europe.

If you are excited to start a new Turing application/ or expand your current Erasmus+ network, we would love for you to get in touch and book a quick call with one of our Erasmus+ and Turing experts.

We are also providing you with an excellent guide for Erasmus+ funding applicants as well as our great Handbook for Erasmus+ Project Management & Execution.