Attractive Turing Destinations

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The new funding programme of the UK is designed for all organisations in the education and training sector, such as schools, vocational education and training, and further education or higher education organisations. The Turing Scheme offers the possibility to provide grants for mobilities across the globe. It can be applied for by any UK organisation (or from respective British Overseas Territories) from across the education and training sectors for a great variety of potential destinations worldwide.Of course, we cannot write about every destination because the world offers plenty of outstanding destinations. With the Turing Scheme, you don’t just have the chance to visit a new country but also to live there temporarily and so experience culture at a higher level.



North America, (especially Canada), is one of the largest nations of economy and is therefore an extremely popular destination for Turing Scheme internships. Besides a unique work experience, Canada provides you with many more benefits such as the genuine friendliness of the people and miles and miles of fascinating landscape and nature.

There are many sectors where trainees can do an internship such as the tourism industry, medical industry or in business. Canada is the home for ambition and adventure while boosting your career in a friendly and mesmerising country.



Many people dream of visiting the United States of America – why not combine your dream vacation with a Turing Scheme internship? The US truly is the land of opportunity and you can find internship possibilities in every sector you can think of. You will build an international network that you might benefit from in the future. Besides getting to know the American way of life, an internship in the US makes you stand out when applying for future employment. In your free time, you will never get bored in the US as there are so many activities to experience such as shopping, amusement parks or sightseeing.



Another big player in terms of dream Turing Scheme destinations is Australia. Down under provides you many work experience possibilities as many international companies are located there – the opportunities are endless. Turing Scheme internships can be found in various sectors such as research, tourism, marketing, or technology. Your time outside of work will be around very friendly Aussies and you will enjoy the amazing climate during your Turing Scheme internship. Who wouldn’t want to stroll along the coast or enjoy the beach after a workday? Or take the opportunity of seeing one of the seven world wonders – the Great Barrier Reef.


Dominican Republic

You might not be able to have your work desk right on the beach, but beach views are highly likely when interning in the Dominican Republic. The Dominican Republic offers plenty of interesting fields for a Turing Scheme internship in their booming economy such as health, tourism, or business. Besides learning Spanish during your Turing Scheme stay you will most likely adjust to the easy-going mentality and feel like a local soon enough. In your free time you can enjoy the pristine sandy beaches and the crystal-clear sea.



A really unique destination, that only few people can claim to have been to is Antarctica. It is really difficult to get a job in Antarctica, but it is possible. Bear in mind that Antarctica has no human population and therefore there is not much infrastructure at all. Almost all jobs available are on National Research Stations and are separated into scientific (Geologist, Chemist, Meteorologist etc) and support (cook, electrician, carpenter, mechanic, plumber etc.) jobs. A Turing Scheme internship in Antarctica will definitely boost your CV and make you stand out in the application process.



Macao is a city and special administrative region of the Republic of China providing a great variety of job opportunities in different sectors. The most popular field of internship is tourism, especially in the hospitality industry and also technology. Macao is located just 64km away from Hong Kong and provides you with many different activities in your spare time.


This list could go on and on! This is only a glimpse of what destinations await you thanks to the Turing Scheme. On our blog you will also find lots of interesting information on all kinds of countries and places that you could choose for your Erasmus+ or Turing Scheme adventure. Let us know in the comments below if you want to learn more about a specific destination.


Even though the current Covid-19 pandemic has thrown up a lot of uncertainties, we advise you to apply for an Erasmus+ or Turing Scheme grant. There are lots of brilliant reasons why, read about them in our blog “Should you Apply for Erasmus+ or Turing this Year?