Meet Johannes Bichler, The COO of Travelmania in Austria

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Let’s go with another important person in our company. I already conducted an interview with our CEO, Markus Bichler. Now I have the pleasure of speaking with Johannes Bichler, who works since 2013 at Travelmania and is the COO in Austria. He's always organised, he's supportive to his staff, encouraging everyone to use their skills. He creates a pleasant balance between being a boss and being a friend.


When asked to describe himself, Johannes said, “I am a very open minded and passionate person who enjoys developing and working on innovative business ideas and projects that contribute to the common good and a better future”.

He is also interested in projects relating to innovation, education, travel, renewables, sustainability, resilience, and sports. He is convinced, that programmes such as Erasmus+ and the equivalent Scheme from the UK, Turing Scheme, are ideal for anyone who wants to grow personally, professionally and contribute to a brighter future.

This sentence is one of his favourites, a quote from famous writer Paulo Coelho: “BE BRAVE. TAKE RISKS. NOTHING CAN SUBSTITUTE EXPERIENCE.”

So here’s a short, personal interview, I asked Johannes a few personal questions about himself.


Johannes what is most important to you among your employees?

Flexibility, creativity and solution-oriented work, and having fun at work.


What do you do to balance stressful everyday life at the office?

I do a lot of sports, like football, running and tennis. I love spending time in nature or sometimes I enjoy a good glass of vine while watching Netflix series. I also like to spend time with my family and friends.


What are you most proud of in your life?

My family, the last few years of success at Travelmania, establishing the company at an international level. Sports-wise I am also proud of my time in Innsbruck. I played in the Tyrol Liga, which is the highest amateur league in Tyrol. We became triple winners and won among others, the Championship Cup and the Innsbruck cup.


Family is for me?

The most important.


Your best travel memory?

Various Croatia holidays, with my family and with my fiancée. I love discovering new places, exploring the world, getting to know new cultures, meeting exciting people and enjoying culinary specialties of a new country. This broadens my horizon enormously.


What do you like about your brother, Markus Bichler the CEO of TravelEdventures?

His inspiring and motivational way of leading the company, how he initiates the most innovative projects, his trust in all of us, his openness, his support on both a professional and personal level.


As I know that you like to read a good book, do you have a book recommendation?

Yes of course, I really recommend to read: “The 4-Hour Work Week” by Timothy Ferriss. It's about efficiency and a good work/life balance. Another book I really liked was: “The Why Café”, by John Strelecky.


What was the best decision in your career?

To always develop and take responsibility.


An Erasmus+ or Turing internship should be done because?

In my opinion, it is a unique opportunity for us to develop personally and professionally. You can do a free and well-funded trip, where you not only get to know other cultures, but also get a chance to taste the international labour market and make contacts for the future.


What do you enjoy most about your job?

The innovative flexible and motivating approach to implement new projects, the flat hierarchy, and the collaboration with employees, that we are a young dynamic team and support each other.


What could you not abandon from your life?

The three F's : family, friends, football!


Thank you, Johannes, for this personal interview. For more information about our company, read our blogs: