Hostel vs. Hotel

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Whilst you prepare all the necessary documents for your Erasmus+ internship or Turing experience, you will come across several things you need to organise over and above the actual Erasmus+ or Turing application. One of those is where you’ll stay during your Erasmus+ internship or Turing experience. Perhaps you’re considering different types of accommodation and which one is more suitable for your needs? There are so many options: hotel, hostel, apartment or even a host family. In this article we will take a look at the options hotel and hostel to see which is best for you.



The first thing that comes to mind pretty much immediately is the price of the accommodation and your budget. The price of a room/bed in a hostel is usually less than staying in a hotel but it also depends on the location – a fine hostel in the city centre or by the sea could be more expensive than a modest 2 or 3-star hotel somewhere a little further away from the city centre.

Usually, a hostel is less expensive than a hotel as you normally share a room and/or a bathroom. If your Erasmus+ mobility program or Turing program lasts more than a couple of weeks, you should really consider lodging in a nice, comfortable hostel instead of a hotel as otherwise, the accommodation could become expensive for a long-term Erasmus+ or Turing stay and you might need extra pocket money in addition to your Erasmus+ or Turing funding.


Social Environment

The biggest advantage of a hostel (in addition to the price) is the social environment. Common areas in a hostel (kitchen, lounge areas, etc.) actively encourage socialising, making friends and sharing experiences. Ultimately, that is what you are looking for when you want to do an Erasmus+ or Turing program. The one thing that might affect this is the privacy, but there is good news – some hostels (or even most of them) offer private rooms with a shared bathroom. With this type of scenario, you will get some privacy (for less money than in a hotel) and you benefit from meeting new people and training your inter-communicational and intercultural skills.



What you should also consider as an advantage in a hostel is the facilities such as laundry services, a fully equipped kitchen, a bar, breakfast, movie nights, etc. They are much less expensive than in a hotel. It is a good way to cut your costs for meals and doing laundry by yourself, especially if your Erasmus+ or Turing program lasts a while.



You might question the security in a hostel. Obviously, you’ll feel safer (especially regarding your belongings) in an individual room in a hotel than in a hostel. You should know though, that most hostels also provide safety measures for your belongings, such as lockable compartments but they don’t always offer locks! Make sure that you have one with you (robust enough) so that your valuables are safe and nothing ruins your amazing Erasmus+ or Turing adventure!


Read Enough Reviews Before You Book!

Make sure that you find the right option for you! A hostel might be noisy and mostly hostels are geared for young backpackers. If it is not the atmosphere that you are looking for during your Erasmus+ or Turing internship, then do some research and gather enough trustworthy reviews before booking.


If all of the above is too overwhelming for you together with all the other Erasmus+ or Turing things you need to finish before your trip, we will be happy to help you with everything you need to do. This takes away the pressure, so that you enjoy and get excited about your approaching Erasmus+ or Turing adventure! Just contact us and we will help you with all of the preparation for your Erasmus+ or Turing mobility.

For more information read our guide for Erasmus+ funding applicants or read our Handbook for Erasmus+ Project Management & Execution.

One last thing, there is always a third option – an apartment! Read about the advantages and disadvantages of an apartment for your Erasmus+ or Turing mobility in our blog “Accommodation Options".

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