Can Financial Disadvantaged Students do a Turing Scheme Internship?

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“Professional experience, professional experience, professional experience”. Everyone is talking about the importance of training and gaining experience in students’ fields of studies. In today’s world, especially because of globalization and networking, Turing Scheme students have plenty of great opportunities to gain support by finding specific internships in prestigious companies, pretty much anywhere on earth. There are organisations that specialise in certain business fields and want to support students by helping with their desired work placement, even sorting out enjoyable activities during their stay abroad, like TravelEdventures. Additionally, more and more schools are willing to help their students to gain international work experience, particularly through the Turing Scheme for British citizens. However, you might ask yourself if you can still participate in these types of mobilities if you are financial disadvantaged. Before going into detail, yes, it is definitely possible.


Equal Opportunities for Everyone

Since BREXIT, Great Britain is no longer a member of the European Union or part of the mobility programme Erasmus+. So, the Turing Scheme was invented, and British Citizens have the same opportunity to participate in an international experience as the rest of the EU-countries, do as Erasmus+ interns. The first British students will have that great opportunity from September this year. In contrast to Erasmus+, the Turing Scheme will involve destinations beyond Europe too. That’s another reason to fall in love with this student exchange programme – lucky British citizens :D.

To enable all students the same opportunities as well as support them financially, the Turing Scheme provides funding for its participants. We have written a great piece that gives you information about the best ways to fund your trip abroad. Check it out and be ready for your Turing Scheme experience outside of your own country, even if you are financially disadvantaged.

Once you have the approval for your long-awaited Turing Scheme mobility, you can also avoid spending too much money at your destination, for example, for the cost of living and activities. There are cheaper countries than others, that still have a lot to offer and are great for an experience abroad. Read our blog about the Cheapest Destinations to learn more about places that could be a possibility for your trip.


Outstanding Investment

We know that almost nothing is free of charge and as an adult and being responsible for yourself you understand more of the cost of living. However, there are good investments, even if you do struggle with finance, that you can make which will be worthwhile for your future. One of those is education and training to gain professional experience. To be part of the Turing Scheme mobility, where you learn more about a specific business field and mature as a person, will become one of the best decisions you make! Being abroad, fully independent, part of a new company and learning and developing your skills will definitely help you in your future.

The number of companies that look for employees for an internship is increasing and international experiences are more appreciated than ever before. In addition to that, these types of mobilities, where you can learn more about yourself and improve your social (not just your professional) skills give you so much. Don’t miss out on the chance to participate in a programme, one of the best ones is the Turing Scheme.


If you would like to have a private chat to discuss your upcoming Turing Scheme experience with one of TravelEdventures’ employees, click HERE to arrange an appointment. We organise numerous stays with language courses and activities for lots of students as well as school groups and want to share our know-how to help you find the best package.

For more information about an Erasmus+ mobility, get in touch with us or browse our website to read our informative blogs. We have an article about Insurance that might interest you and don’t miss our perfect Educator’s Handbook for Erasmus+ Project Management & Execution. There’s also a unique Guide for Erasmus+ Funding Applicants. Don’t forget to check our website regularly to read our upcoming blogs.