A Brilliant Work and Study Placement in Stunning Montpellier Awaits!

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Monaco in france

Studying abroad is always far more enjoyable than studying at home! There’s something about a new country, a new culture and the excitement of exploring somewhere different. Combine studying with an Erasmus+ or Turing work placement and not only do you have the added bonus of experiencing a different part of the world, you also get a foot in the door when it comes to starting your career! There’s no doubt that employers appreciate an Erasmus+ or Turing work and study placement – it sets you apart from other applicants and gives you a distinct advantage.


One of the cities that is much sought-after when it comes to an Erasmus+ or Turing work and study placement is Montpellier in France. It comes as no surprise, it has a little of everything all blended together which makes it very popular for students. There’s obviously the sunshine, and in the spring and summer, it gets hot. Then there’s the skiing – with plenty of frothy hot chocolates after a stint on the slopes! Of course, French cuisine is absolutely terrific and students get to sample plenty of local delicacies, not to mention a delightful fondue, perfect for when you come back from a weekend on the mountains.

So, if you want to improve your French and experience an Erasmus+ or Turing work placement in one of France’s best cities – Montpellier could well be your perfect destination. We’re going to highlight what happens when you choose an Erasmus+ or Turing work and study placement in Montpellier.

Our three-week (we can also organise longer durations) summer placements start every month, on the first Monday and a French language course every morning is included. Your Erasmus+ or Turing work placement starts in the afternoon, daily. The course lasts anything from 10 to 20 hours a week and is the ideal opportunity to improve your French skills. Don‘t forget to apply for your Erasmus+ or Turing grant at least two months before placement starts We can also help you – don’t hesitate to get in touch to find out more about work and study grants.


About Where You’ll Work

If you love the idea of travel then TravelEdventures is perfect for you. One of the fastest growing travel agencies in Austria, it’s known for innovation and especially working on delivering marketing internships for students and young people. Founded in 2006, the company has new offices in Montpellier, the office is buzzing with atmosphere and there are young people working there giving you plenty of social opportunities too. The office is small which means that an intern can really get involved and understand all the processes in-depth.


About You

This is an excellent opportunity for someone who wants to learn about the travel industry, improve their French and live in an atmospheric city for a short while. You’ll get involved in event management, e-marketing, product and service design, translations and helping with the school’s students and activities. You’ll also deal with some business correspondence and get to grips with the travel agency day-to-day. So, if you’re business minded and creative with excellent social skills along with strong English (and a good level of French) – then this could well be perfect for you! Moreover, if the travel business excites you then please do get in touch, send your application together with your CV and photo to office@travelmania.at. This is the opportunity of a lifetime, don’t miss out.


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