Why It’s So Rewarding Getting Erasmus+ Applications Approved

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As Erasmus+ and Turing Scheme specialists there’s nothing we love more than getting applications approved for our clients. It’s not just about our success, it’s about the opportunities that it brings to so many – read on to find out more…

Working With Disadvantaged Young Adults

Let’s give you a great example! Just a couple of years ago, we worked with a group of disadvantaged young adults from the poorest state in Austria (Bergland). We were approached by a construction school to create a funding application for the group, to enable them to experience a work/study placement in Spain.

We applied for their funding and were thrilled with the result! The school received funding for seven years – meaning that they were able to take more than one group from the region to do multiple mobilities over quite a few years thus allowing many disadvantaged young adults an opportunity that they may never have been able to experience.

Erasmus+ and The Turing Scheme Facilitate Success

Moreover, we also receive feedback from Erasmus+ and Turing Scheme participants years later who tell us that they’ve moved forward to successful careers, thanks to us. We’ve had many students who’ve travelled abroad on our schemes, and subsequently went on to get hired faster than other candidates. Why? Well, because their CV has stood out over others, compared to candidates who’ve never experienced an Erasmus+ or Turing Scheme adventure!

An Emotional Experience Too

We also work with a lot of students who wouldn’t have ever been able to go abroad, let alone travel outside their own city. It’s not just about the actual work and study element – the construction team we mentioned earlier experience so much more! We’ve seen groups arrive at the airport in Spain and ask to go straight to the beach because they’ve never seen the ocean. In fact, many of these young men (and women) have been moved to tears such is their joy (and ours too).

The tremendous opportunities that Erasmus+ and the Turing Scheme brings are immeasurable, young adults who’ve never seen anything outside of their home country before, hop on a train or plane, visit somewhere brand-new, take in the scenery, culture and food without costing them anything! It’s lifechanging and it gives them a more promising future, not to mention better earning power.

Changing Lives

So, if you think your school, college or university (or other educational institution) could benefit from Erasmus+ or the Turing Scheme, please do get in touch with our helpful team by clicking here, that initial contact will be the start of changing your students’ lives.