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Who Are the Best Erasmus + Agencies in Europe?

If you’re looking to get in touch with an Erasmus+ agency in your country, but you’re unsure which the best one is for your needs, we’ll help. Organising an Erasmus+ internship can be an exciting time and even though you might be in a hurry to organise everything, it's important that you do your homework to find the best agency for your project.

How Do You Know If An Agency is Right For You?

First things first, always make sure that the agency has a good track record. You'll need to do your research to find out what each agency specialises in.
At TravelEdventures, we help with Erasmus+ grant applications and organise all stays across Europe. If you want to get started or delve deeper into an Erasmus+ project please get in touch with us.

We offer the biggest range of Erasmus+ projects and are usually the perfect match for people looking for high-quality Erasmus+ project management but we are not the ideal candidate for every type of school. In our blog you can find out if you are the right type of school to work with us.

To help you get started with your quest for the best agency, here are the top nine Erasmus+ agencies in Europe:


1          Go Europe, Berlin

The Go Europe work area was created in 2005 and enables around 500 vocational school students throughout Berlin to spend time abroad every year. Since 2005 the number and the quality of mobility measures have increased enormously.  The project manager, Klaus Naumann, hopes in the future even more vocational schools in Berlin will recognise the opportunities offered through taking up an Erasmus+ mobility and that many Erasmus+ trainees will take advantage of the opportunity. Klaus Naumann again says  “I think a situation arises in which the schools that do not participate in Erasmus+ are missing out. The whole experience is increasingly becoming an image factor, especially in the field of vocational training because ultimately, it has a lot to do with the attractiveness of the training. "


2          Intern Europe, Belfast UK

Passionate about delivering fantastic Erasmus+ work experiences, Intern Europe has hosted thousands of participants from Europe in Belfast. They have been running for the last 14 years and manage all aspects of Erasmus+ mobility programmes, working closely with European partners and local host companies. Their team currently consists of 10 dedicated members of staff with an ability to communicate in six European languages.


3          Partnership International, Dublin

The Partnership International Agency is really successful in organising flexible and affordable work, study and travel for international students. They take the pain out of going abroad. Pick a program, pick a country, they take care of the rest. PI is there to take care of everything, airport transfers, accommodation, tourism activities, language courses, Erasmus+ programs, social activities and offer 24-hour emergency support, assuring safety, security, excellent programs and an unforgettable experience abroad. Their simple principles of mutual respect, positivity and dedication are the company’s important values. This ethos is replicated through their client’s culture which helps them to be a market leader within the industry. The team have all experienced studying or working abroad, when they were of student age and that means they therefore understand that 100% dedication is required for their clients. If you want to develop internationally, then they are the perfect partner for you.


4          Westbourne Academy, Bournemouth UK

Improve your English skills with the support of friendly, experienced and qualified teachers while making friends with like-minded people. At the same time, you get to visit wonderful places in England, and enjoy the great variety of activities on offer in the city or by the sea. The Westbourne Academy language schools are part of New City College London which consists of three state-funded colleges in London; their language school in London and their language school in Bournemouth.


5          ¡Vamos Barcelona! a WGS BCN, Barcelona ES

¡Vamos Barcelona! organises low-cost internships abroad and language courses for high school graduates, students and graduates of all disciplines in Barcelona, one of the most attractive cities in Europe. Their wide, cross-sector network of contacts in Spanish companies enables them to provide an Erasmus+ internship that is tailored to your needs and skills. An internship abroad allows you to get to know other economic and legal systems, business practices as well as considerably improve your language skills. A degree or apprenticeship is supplemented in a practical way by taking up an internship abroad plus there are significantly improved employment opportunities following a degree There are many reasons for undertaking this type of internship abroad in Barcelona: In addition to Spanish, there is another official language in Barcelona: Catalàn. Acquiring knowledge of this additional language can mean a considerable professional advantage in the future, as Catalunya (Catalonia) is one of the most economically strong, autonomous communities in Spain. Of course, if you don’t like Catalan, Barcelona offers every opportunity to learn Spanish. 


6          TWIN UK, London UK

At Twin, there’s more than 17 years of experience in creating quality internship experiences in the UK for students from the EU and worldwide. Their Erasmus+ internship programs help people to take the first steps on the career ladder and enhance their CV. Their placement-matching service and the quality of the programs haven’t gone unnoticed. TWIN UK has gained the Study Travel Magazine’s ‘Star Work Experience Provider of the Year’ award five times in seven years, achieving ‘Superstar’ status. 

TWIN UK doesn’t just do Erasmus+ internships! In addition to their Erasmus+ work experience opportunities, they have two British Council accredited English Language schools in the bustling city of London and the sunny seaside area Eastbourne. They have a wide range of courses available including everything from General English to Business English and IELTS or Cambridge Exam Preparation. Thinking of taking a gap year? They can help with that too!


7          Apreca, Paris, France

For 20 years, this organisation has ensured the operational management of several European exchange and placement programs on behalf of different communities (Regional Councils of Champagne-Ardenne, Ile-de-France, Picardie, Limousin as well as Pôle Emploi, National Education, Universities and the European Commission).

They are entrusted by these institutional partners with the organisation of professional internships in companies in Europe, sending Erasmus+ interns to Europe and hosting foreign nationals in France. There are several types of audiences benefitting from these different programs: students, job seekers, apprentices, post-apprentices, vocational training trainees, employees, etc.

A logistics platform serving international exchanges, they have built up a reliable network of institutional and private partners throughout Europe. This networking has enabled them to develop qualitative cooperation agreements in the field of employment, education and training.


8          Foyle, Derry UK

Foyle International is an Erasmus+ partner and has participated in Erasmus+ mobility programs for over 20 years. Internships can be funded through Erasmus+ or they can be funded privately (EU students only).

In the Republic of Ireland, their work internships and KA2 projects come under Foyle Internship Europe Ltd. They offer a range of Erasmus+ work internships and Erasmus+ placements across the island of Ireland. Professional work experience is a great way to add an international element to your CV and improve your level of English. Erasmus+ programs can range from 4 weeks to 6 months in duration. They offer a vast range of placement sectors – from hospitality and tourism, to teaching and social care, to pharmaceuticals and marketing.


9          Alhambra Malaga, Malaga, Spain

The Alhambra Institution offers the unique opportunity to live, work and immerse yourself in the Spanish culture in Spain. Their Erasmus+ internship program is a combination of a Spanish course and the possibility of practical experience within an Erasmus+ internship in Málaga, Marbella, Granada or Collect Seville. Accommodation in a student flat-sharing community is included. The apartments are also close to the Erasmus+ internship space and the language school.

Is there an Erasmus+ agency that appeals to you? Then why not go ahead and contact them?

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