The Turing Scheme, Comparing North America and Canada

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Orlando, Florida, USA downtown skyline at Eola Lake.

Imagine embarking on a Turing Scheme internship in North America, whether you choose the USA or Canada, who hasn’t dreamt of the expanse of the Canadian countryside or the American mega-cities at least once? North America offers highly qualified companies for Turing Scheme interns in a wide range of industries. Let’s compare North America and Canada to help you decide.



There is a lot to discover doing a Turing Scheme internship in Canada. Canada is the second largest country in the world but has a comparatively small population. There are approximately 37 million Canadians, spread over an area that is 28 times the size of Germany! From snow-capped mountains and rainforests to beaches and large lakes, the diversity Canada offers its visitors is truly unique! With a thriving economy, the world's second-largest country is one of the world's wealthiest countries too and plays an important role in international trade. The main sectors of the Canadian economy are agriculture, tourism and finance, as well as the metal industry, aviation and trade in raw materials.

In addition to numerous modern cities, the country also offers dreamlike natural landscapes. With Niagara Falls and 50 national parks, nature lovers and adventurers will get their money's worth in the land of the Maple leaf! There are truly vibrant metropolises such as Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal or Calgary and all have a wide range of Turing Scheme internships to offer.

Whether your Turing Scheme internship is at one of the country's big banks or you’re working on a ranch, a Turing Scheme project in Canada not only looks great on your CV, but also advances you professionally and personally. In order to ensure that nothing goes wrong during your internship, the planning of the Turing Scheme project is very important – especially when it comes to visas. We are happy to assist you in planning - contact us!

A Turing Scheme internship abroad in Canada not only gives you the chance to discover Canada's endless natural beauty. You make important international contacts, and you can get a taste of different professions. In addition, a Turing Scheme internship abroad also gives you the opportunity to improve your own foreign language skills. So, a Turing Scheme adventure in Canada is in every respect a good investment for your own future! One of the most popular destinations for a Turing Scheme internship abroad in Canada is the vibrant metropolis of Vancouver.It offers a dreamlike mix of modern city life and unspoilt nature. The coastal city is the third largest city in the country and is characterised by a unique atmosphere of multicultural influences. Toronto is also very popular when it comes to choosing a destination for a Turing Scheme internship in Canada. This fun-loving cosmopolitan city offers a high quality of life and an abundance of art and culture.

For Turing Scheme mobilities in Canada, you need a visa. This is provided by the Canadian embassy. The visa depends mainly on what you plan to do in Canada. If you only want to do a Turing Scheme internship with a particular company, you need a different visa than if you want to work and travel. However, there are certain basic conditions which must be met for each type. For more information, please visit the official Government of Canada page. How do you apply for a Turing Scheme internship in Canada? For more information, read the blog article 5 Tips for your Turing Scheme Application.



A Turing Scheme internship is an ideal opportunity to gain insight into professional American work life. This not only does well on your CV but gives you an extraordinary Turing Scheme experience in which you also improve your language skills. The United States is particularly good at this, because on English is spoken there – a world language that is becoming more and more important as a result of globalisation. The country is also one of the most economically powerful nations.

In the USA, you have a wide range of Turing Scheme internships in a huge range of industries. It is precisely because of its status as an economic power and as a country with a great capacity for innovation that the United States has ideal conditions for first-class training within the framework of a Turing Scheme mobility.

The United States itself is considered a visitor magnet due to its enormous variety of diverse places, national parks and attractions. As part of a Turing Scheme internship abroad, you have the opportunity to get to know the warm Americans, their country and their daily work up close – from a perspective that is not as easy for any tourist to see. As a Turing Scheme intern abroad, in addition to professional training, you can gain social and intercultural skills and develop yourself personally. During a Turing Scheme internship, you can make valuable contacts, which could be very useful later on and help you gain a job.

A visa is required for any Turing Scheme mobility in the USA. In the United States, it’s called the "J1 Visa" and offers the possibility of combining work or continuing vocational training and, where appropriate, travel. So, a simple tourist visa is not enough for a Turing Scheme internship abroad in the United States. To obtain a J1 visa, you must apply to a US Department of State-certified "Legal Sponsor". The latter issues a "DS-2019 document", which together with the "SEVIS document" is a prerequisite for the application of a visa. A valid passport (valid for at least 6 months after the end of the stay) and a minimum age of 18 years is also required for successful visa application. Furthermore, good to very good English skills and an internship are both required – you only get a visa after you have received firm commitment from a company. Another visa requirement is health insurance. Both countries offer unique internships in all conceivable areas. These types of experiences abroad will give you an exclusive advantage in your future job search – after all, not everyone can claim to have completed an internship in Canada or the USA.


We hope we have inspired you to apply for an internship in Canada or USA. Which is your favourite? Canada or the USA? Get an offer for your Turing Scheme internship in Canada or USA and contact us for more information. For more information about the Erasmus+ mobility click here.