The Tasks Of a Group Leader at The Erasmus+ Destination

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If you organise an Erasmus+ mobility for a group of more than ten students, you don’t need to be concerned that you won’t be able to deal with any problems or questions that might occur during the Erasmus+ stay. Let us reassure you, because for groups of more than ten students, we provide a complimentary TravelEdventures Group Leader during the first week.

Of course, this is the time when most questions arise and sometimes, problems occur (read our  article "Problems that could occur during an Erasmus+ stay"). That is why our Group Leader is there to provide advice and assistance for your whole group, 24/7.

Obviously you’ll want to know what the Group Leaders’ responsibilities and tasks are at the destination and what you can expect from them. In the following article we will give you an overview covering what our experienced Group Leaders will do for you during the first week of your Erasmus+ project.

Once you arrive at your destination’s airport, your assigned Group Leader will pick you up, usually from the arrival hall, and be visible with a sign with your (group) name on it, so you can’t miss him/her. Next there’ll be a brief introduction. Once that’s complete, you will drive to your accommodation together and students will be provided with public transportation tickets for their Erasmus+ stay.

The students usually have some free time after arrival at their accommodation to unpack their belongings and make themselves at home. Afterwards (or sometimes the next day, depending on the arrival time at the airport) the Group Leader shows the students how to get to their company, where they will do their Erasmus+ internship and shows them around the local area.

Whenever there are any questions, the Group Leader will be available to the group 24/7 in order to solve any insecurities or issues as quickly as possible and make their Erasmus+ stay as enjoyable and pleasant as possible.

Usually our group leaders organise three meetings during any Erasmus+ mobility. At the beginning, there is a welcoming meeting at the accommodation where all important information regarding the destination and the area is discussed and that covers the most frequent questions asked at the beginning of an Erasmus+ stay such as Where can I find supermarkets? Where is the Erasmus+ internship? Can you drink tap water? etc.

At the mid-term meeting (this is only an optional meeting) the Group Leader conducts a guided tour through the destination or the area where the students live during their Erasmus+ stay. At the final meeting (this is optional as well 😊) the Group Leader meets the teacher/s to hand over the necessary documents they need for their national agency (this can be done in advance as well or online). Of course, these meeting vary from group to group and from destination to destination, depending on the situation. Some teachers prefer briefing the students by themselves, especially if they have already conducted several Erasmus+ projects and know the destination and the company well.

Our Group Leaders try to make life at the Erasmus+ destination as easy as possible and are our highly valued employees. They sometimes need to be superheroes if there are any problems, like misplacement or if problems with the accommodation occur. So, if you are organising an Erasmus+ project with more than ten students you can really look forward to an enjoyable stay. We’ve organised what’s most important, with a contact person on the spot in addition to our awesome employees at our office in Austria, all of us organising the Erasmus+ trip for you.

Read our blog from one of our Group Leaders describing their job.

If your group consists of less than ten students, then don’t worry, even without a Group Leader available on the spot, we prepare you in the best possible way for your Erasmus+ project. Read this experience report from one of our clients.

We are always happy to hear about your experiences during your Erasmus+ stay. Please share them with us in the comments! 

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