The End Result for Governments Working With TravelEdventures

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The benefits of working with TravelEdventures for schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutions are huge. Not only do students get to embark on an extraordinary experience working and studying abroad but also, they get to increase their visibility when progressing through their careers. Students experiencing an Erasmus+ mobility improve their employability too. They often get to learn another language, or at the very least improve their language skills and meet people who go on to become lifelong friends. Those are just some of the benefits for students and educational institutions – but what about the benefits for governments partnering with us? Let’s explore that topic by reading on.

We Are The European Governments’ Preferred Partner

Governments across the EU often reach out to our teams – and they also benefit from partnering with TravelEdventures. It’s no coincidence that we are the preferred provider for governments in Europe – because we are the biggest provider and also the most trusted because of our experience.

Governments using our services are able to calculate with consistency. Governments who use us know that every destination we organise for their educational institutions will bring remarkable quality – no matter where that destination is. Every year we deliver the same level of quality so there’s tremendous trust. Plus, we can easily change destinations every year, so we offer a point of difference, keeping interest up and ensuring the Erasmus+ concept continues to be as exciting as ever, year after year. Doubtless, it’s important that governments and their educational partners can rely on us to do this. Plus, governments choose us to run all of their mobilities abroad – because this makes sure they get the diversity they need; students are always interested and they get the added bonus of gaining knowledge from different countries.

We Can Help You With Your Erasmus+ and Turing Scheme Initiatives

As the largest provider, we are well-known for taking infinite care with all of our Erasmus+ and Turing Scheme (the UK equivalent). If you’re a school, college, university or other educational institution seeking a partner to help you with your work and study placements abroad, we encourage you to reach out to one of our team to help you navigate the application process and find out how to access funding/grants for your students. You can contact us by clicking here – let’s get your students to benefit from an incredible experience abroad!