Spotlight on Athens

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Woman on holidays holding a map in Athens, Greece

Athens is the mighty capital of Greece and with a rich history that dates back thousands of years it’s perfect for an Erasmus+ mobility. The home of Pyramids, ancient queens, pharaohs, the Sphinx and plenty of heat! It’s no wonder that young people and tourists spend their holiday time in this bustling city. It’s also the ideal Erasmus+ destination for those of you looking to work, study and live abroad for a period of time and with so many opportunities open thanks to the EU’s scheme, it could well be the destination you’re looking for!

What is Erasmus+?

Erasmus+ is a work and study experience for EU countries (and some others too) for students and learners in school or higher education. If your university or school is already aligned with Erasmus+ then you’ll probably know about it already but if not, you can encourage them to speak to your country’s National Agency to get information on the grants available. These grants enable people from all backgrounds to enjoy all the benefits of working, studying and living abroad. So why would Athens be ideal for you? Let’s explore this vibrant city some more…

Athens is Affordable in Terms of Cost of Living

Many students and learners want to experience a capital city, but they’re discouraged because of the cost of living but Athens is surprisingly affordable, especially with an Erasmus+ grant. Expect to spend around 650 Euros a month on living expenses but of course, this depends on where you live. To reduce cost, it’s best to share a flat or share a house with other students or learners – and this is also an excellent way of meeting new people who’ll soon become friends for life.

There’s a Lot to Do in Athens!

As a capital city there’s plenty on offer for leisure time. Plus with good weather, you can enjoy a cold drink outside one of the cafés or bars that spill out on the street. For clubbers, it’s party town at night and the locals are really friendly so you won’t find that you’re on your own for long.

Young people living in Athens tend to flock to Gkazi and Chalandi as these are full of restaurants, bars and clubs and come alive at night. During the summer months of course, there’s the beach and if you’re on a long-term Erasmus+ placement you can always escape the city and find quieter beaches to relax and soak up the sunshine.

Of course, the food options are enormous – and so are the portions! Enjoy traditional moussaka, skewers of freshly grilled chicken and lamb, dolmades (stuffed vine leaves) the freshest salads, warm pitta bread filled with humus and taramasalata – and so much more.

As far as cultural activities, Athens is fascinating! The home of famous mathematicians, philosophers and literary geniuses – you’ll learn about Socrates, Plato and Aristotle to name a few. These important figures shaped modern Greece too. In fact, modern civilisation today can thank the Ancient Greeks for their vast knowledge. There are ruins within walking distance in Athens and plenty of museums. You’ll see the Parthenon and the Acropolis of Ancient Agora – to name just a few of the mesmerising sights in the capital city.

The Greek Beaches Beckon…

There are more brilliant reasons to enjoy an Erasmus+ experience in Athens. The climate for one is usually warm and very hot during June, July and August so there’s lots of opportunity to enjoy beach-time activities. The history and culture is like no other city except perhaps Rome and the University of Athens is a very well-regarded educational institution that is recognised across the world. If you get to study at the university, it will impress future employers.

Final Words on Athens for Erasmus+

So if you’re looking for a fantastic destination for your Erasmus+ mobility abroad, choose Athens and don’t be afraid of travelling alone. Most Erasmus+ trips begin with a meet and greet at the airport, so you’ll soon find similar people to you. While you’re in Athens, there’ll be plenty of opportunities to make new friends and before you know it – you’ll feel just like a local. If you want further information on an EU Erasmus+ work or study placement abroad, get in touch with TravelEdventures by clicking here.