How Erasmus+ Projects Cope With Rising Inflation

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Over the past few years, much of Europe and the rest of the world has had to deal with huge inflation rises, partly to do with post-COVID-19, but mainly to do with the war in Ukraine, which has caused gas and oil prices to increase rapidly. Undoubtedly, inflation affects everyone, businesses as well as individuals, so what has Erasmus+ done to make sure that students and learners can still benefit from travelling abroad and undertaking work/study placements? This is a question that our clients and partners ask us a lot, so here’s what we have to say on the topic.

Your Destination Is Key

This is a very important topic especially as people are looking to save money rather than spend it! In terms of Erasmus+, every year, the funding available continues to increase and the increase should help to minimise the impact of inflation. Of course, if you want to get the best possible value for your Erasmus+ (or indeed, Turing Scheme – the British counterpart – trip), project it’s vital that you make sure you choose a destination that offers that value and appeals to lower budgets.

The Time of Year Makes a Difference

Furthermore, when planning a work/study placement abroad, you can also look at the time of year you want to undertake your project. As a good example, if you want to travel during the Easter holidays, or the Summer holidays, prices will always be more expensive as these are popular tourist times of year. Whereas, if you choose months that are not traditional holiday periods such as November, or January and February, prices are more economical. This also opens up other opportunities, for example, better quality accommodation, better activities for your group and even cheaper food and drink (as some restaurants and bars hike their prices up during holiday periods).

And Talk to Us – We’re The Experts!

So if you’re looking to save money to cope with the rise in inflation, of course you should continue to be budget-conscious and flexible with what you’re organising. You can also talk to our team at TravelEdventures, and we’ll help you come up with some brilliant ideas to save money and even increase your budget! Why not get in touch with our team by clicking here?