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At TravelEdventures we’re all about travel (it’s in the name!) but more importantly, we’re about education and life-changing adventures. Our experiences enable thousands of students and learners to embark on mesmerising adventures every year in different countries, working, living and experiencing something completely new while improving their future employability. There’s so much we do, including inter-school projects. Want to learn more about this topic? Then read on!

How It Started….

Almost 20 years ago, we started out by arranging typical language trips for students in schools in Europe. Language exchanges were (and still are) part of the curriculum. These language trips involved a school group visiting a country for a week or even two weeks. As an example, a school group from France might visit London in England to improve their language skills. Back in the noughties, we’d help organise these trips.

How It’s Going…

Today, we’re much, much bigger and better – and we’re experts in Erasmus+ (and the Turing Scheme for English students). Now, there’s excellent funding available for students to facilitate these types of trips too – through Erasmus+ and Turing Scheme grants.

What Funding Covers

So instead of doing a classical language trip, a school can now access Erasmus funding or Turing funding in the UK. You simply ask for funding to go on a trip and your school’s programme is adjusted to fit the funding criteria. Funding often covers about ¾ of the costs funded which is a very big thing.

We Partner Schools Across Europe

Given that TravelEdventures works with schools in 27 European countries, one of the criteria of funding is finding a suitable school to cooperate with in another country. As we have so many schools partnering with TravelEdventures, we’re able to partner schools with one another, making the process smoother for everyone involved.

Using TravelEdventures As Your Partner Gives You an Advantage

For schools, we’re a really great organisation to have on-board because of the matching process, it’s something we do with ease because we’re used to the programmes and the schools we already work with. It’s an added bonus when you use TravelEdventures as your Erasmus+ partner too. If you’re a school, you get a partnership put into place with another school that’s similar to yours, with a similar approach and similar Erasmus+ requirements.

That’s just another great reason to choose our team to work with you – and guarantee a fantastic result for your school, college or university as well as your students and their futures.

So, why not get in touch with our team to find out how we can help you secure funding for your next Erasmus+ mobility?