Erasmus+: Your Evaluation Kick-Off Meeting

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The Erasmus+  kick-off Meeting is set up before executing your project officially. During the meeting, the team members set-out their project mission statement, confirm their roles, and schedule their time over the coming weeks to share project progress. Having a kick-off meeting with your partners is always an important part of any project.  The project kick-off meeting for an Erasmus+ mobility communicates the project goals and objectives.  This is to ensure that the project team and client are both clear on what their tasks are for a successful project. This activity is part of the Erasmus+project initiation phase. A kick-off meeting is usually led by the project manager. 

Kick-off meeting plays multiple important roles in the successful completion of projects.  For example, they: 

  • Develop a strong bond between those involved. 
  • They facilitate better understanding. 
  • They combine the efforts of those involved.  
  • They develop strategies to ensure the success of the project. 

 It is important to determine who is going to plan and run the evaluation Erasmus+ kick-off meeting. You do not necessarily need to be the person to plan and run the evaluation meetings; however, as the evaluator you should work closely with the person responsible to ensure the agenda includes what it is you want/ need to discuss as the evaluation progresses. 

The kick-off meeting is also an opportunity to hear the ideas (negative and positive) of those involved, especially regarding evaluation. It’s also an opportunity to enthuse those involved about what the evaluation stage could bring.  

The primary purpose of a project kick-off meeting is to get everyone on the same page and off to a great start!  During these meetings, you can also introduce the team and increase understanding of the project so that work can begin as soon as possible. 


What does Evaluate a Meeting Mean? 

Essentially, a meeting assessment is a means of collecting, aggregating, and interpreting meeting feedback. Think of it as a way to measure your meeting. 


How do I Evaluate a Meeting? 

 Here some examples of how to evaluate a meeting: 

  1.  Evaluate your meetings regularly.
  2. Ask yourself if you’re starting on time and ending on time? 
  3. Are you staying on-topic?
  4. Are all your members participating in discussions and decision-making? 
  5. Are you all addressing the most important issues in the meetings? 
  6. Do you follow through on your decisions?