Where Are the TravelEdventures Teams Located?

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If you didn’t already know, TravelEdventures is a specialist travel company dedicated to organising Erasmus+ and Turing Scheme experiences for colleges, schools, universities and other educational organisations across Europe. Over the years, we’ve enjoyed enormous success since we first got started around 25 years ago. If you follow our blog already, you’ll know we’ve discussed why we’re the most trusted Erasmus+ and Turing Scheme partner – and we’ve told you that our clients come back to us year after year. You can access that blog here if you haven’t already read it. In this piece, we’ll talk to you a little about our teams across the globe and what they deal with.  Fancy a little glimpse into what we do every day? Then read on!

It’s Part of a Big Puzzle

We see both the European Erasmus+ Scheme and the UK’s equivalent – the Turing Scheme as giant puzzles that take a while to piece together. Our team is familiar with the puzzle and how they fit into it – putting the puzzle together is complex but paramount, in order to create successful long-term cooperations that flourish.

As with anything, projects must have a beginning. That starts with understanding what our partners want. So, schools, colleges, universities and other educational organisations looking for a collaboration need to scope out what they want to achieve and what they’re applying for exactly. Once that’s organised, our Operations’ Team get on with creating a plan to develop an application. Once that application is complete – it’s sent in as a funding request. We’re there to make sure that every application secures funding, which is why it’s better to use us than do it yourself, simply because we understand what’s needed for successful grant allocation. This is still the very beginning of the process although it can feel like a lot has been done already!

Once funding is generated, it’s the start of another long process where we organise the actual projects. This involves our teams across the globe – and we believe we have the biggest, best and most experienced experts located across Europe (and further) to help with every step.

Where are We Located?

We have our Operations’ Team headquartered in Austria and while their role is integral, of course, we also have brilliant group leaders in every country in Europe so they’re on hand for groups when they arrive in their countries, to help with day-to-day and to advise the Ops Team too. In fact, we’ve got representatives as far as the USA and South America because we believe it’s better to have presence in our partner countries.

Some Final Words

So you see, when you choose TravelEdventures to work with you on your Erasmus+ or Turing Scheme project, you know you’re using the best. With our people dotted around the globe, we have thorough understanding of any destination your educational institution may be interested in. Get in touch with our team today to find out more.