Erasmus+: What Is the Promotion and Dissemination Strategy?

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Erasmus+ is a European programme that allows students, pupils and learners to travel and work abroad.  The time spent abroad on an Erasmus+ mobility can be anything from 2 to 30 days or 2 weeks to a year depending on the type of project you are on.  

What is Dissemination? 

Once you have started your project there are many different ways you can share your project’s news, updates and successes. Dissemination is a term used by the European Commission in many of its documents and simply means to spread widely. All Erasmus+ projects are encouraged to share (or disseminate) the successes of their project; this means that even after your project finishes, the successes of your project can still have an impact in the future. 

 Erasmus+ dissemination is the process of making the results and deliverables of a project available to the stakeholders and to the wider audience. Dissemination is essential for take-up and take-up is crucial for the success of the project and for the sustainability of outputs in the long term. 

 The main aim is to spread the word and endorse the Erasmus+ project’s results. It can help raise the profile of your organisation, create new opportunities to extend the project and develop partnerships for the future. You will also be asked to detail dissemination activities as part of reporting requirements, so it is a good thing to bear in mind at the start of, during, and after your project. 


What Types of Things Can Be Shared? 

 The types of things you could share include fresh approaches to tackle a problem, products such as e-learning tools and handbooks, best practice case studies, leaflets and much more.  

 The Programme Guide contains more details about the types of physical or tangible outputs such as the above and wider experiences you may wish to share. 

 We would expect to see this type of promotion: 

  • On your website. 
  • On your social media. 
  • In the media - share what you are doing with a larger audience. 


 The Erasmus+ Project Results Platform 

 The Erasmus+ Project Results Platform is the dissemination platform developed by the European Commission for Erasmus+. It provides a comprehensive overview of projects funded under the programme and highlights best practices. 

 The platform is a useful tool in disseminating the outcomes of your project and makes available any tangible resources, products, deliverables and outputs which have resulted from funded projects. 

Another tool should be creating a dissemination plan. A dissemination plan is a plan for disseminating research findings or products to those who will use the information in practice and is something that you should be thinking about early on. It is what will help you get the message out, whether it is results of research or a successful intervention.  

 Materials are the items you want to be disseminated. Types of materials could be a report or materials created to support the report. In some instances, you may need to create more materials for dissemination. Your audience is who you see as wanting/needing to receive the information.