Best Ways to Fund Your Trip Abroad

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Best way to fund your trip abroad

Can I get a funding for a school trip abroad? The answer to that question is yes! There are lots of ways to fund a school trip abroad. The most common method is through your parents, many pay for a school trip abroad but there are other ways and we’re going to look at what options you have to fund your trip abroad. With several options, you’ll be able to enjoy your trip so let’s look at them in more detail.


1. Parents and Relatives

As already mentioned, asking parents is the most obvious. A school trip abroad is a great way to educate young people and teach them new life skills. Then of course, many parents or grandparents will also add in some pocket money as well as funding the actual trip. Parents and grandparents often really care about their child’s education and are willing to provide financial support.

If parents can easily afford it, they will be very happy to support their child’s educational trip but what if they don’t have the money or the trip is very expensive? It’s good to know that there are other options to fund your trip, such as through grants, subsidies and external funding. So ,let’s dive into sources of external funding for your trip.


2. Local Programs for Funding

We have worked with many cases where students have received and secured local funding to pay for their trip successfully. There are often programs in place for students whose family don’t have much money to fund the trip themselves.

The best way to find out what is available for you and your local area is to speak to your school counsellor or your head teacher. They will know how to successfully ask for funding through local programs in your area and they will be happy to share this information with you and help you receive support.

Often, it’s possible for children that don’t have that much money, to receive additional funding from the local mayor’s office, local charities, or a local parents association from your school.


3. Regional Programs for Funding

You can also apply for funding on a regional level. Look at regionally operating NGOs, and ask your Ministry of Education in your state for additional support. You could even ask regional politicians to direct you to anywhere that offers additional funding. Another way to look for funding in your regional area is to just search on Google for regional grants often given out by NGOs or educational ministries. The best search terms are region-specific search terms such as: What international school trips are funded in my state?


4. International Programs for Funding Your Trip Abroad

There is amazing funding for schools and students and even teachers. One of the best-known funding programs in the world is called Erasmus+. This is funding that must be applied for by your school or local NGO or even state departments. Often, your school or state department will already have received funding and should be happy to help.

Many schools fund international internships very successfully with funds from the Erasmus+ project. Every year almost 2 million international mobilities are funded and co-financed by Erasmus+. To find out more about Erasmus+ please check this link.

So, do be aware not all funding will apply to you, to find out which types of funding apply for your school you can download this e-book here and don't forget to read the guide for Erasmus+ funding applicants and the Handbook for Erasmus+ Project Management & Execution.