Are You a British Sports Student Dreaming of Working and Training in Australia?

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Australia flag wooden sign with a beach on background - Oceania-4

So many British students dream of sun, sea, sand and surf and where better to visit than across the world to expansive Australia? The home of koalas and kangaroos – Australia has plenty to offer students and young people looking to further their education with a work experience abroad.

The UK Turing Scheme

The Turing Scheme (rather like the European Erasmus+ scheme) facilitates thousands of these types of mobilities every year – taking students, teachers and learners from schools, colleges, universities and other institutions to many far-flung places (as well as European destinations too).

One of the most popular countries is Australia and with good reason! For Brits, it’s the perfect choice. The language is the same, and for those involved in the sport industry – there’s just so much to offer!

Oliver – Student of Bishop Burton College Embarked on a Turing Scheme Australian Adventure!

It's such an outdoors-focussed country with a treasure trove of stunning beaches, surf, gym, tennis, team sports and more so Oliver, a student at Bishop Burton College chose this sunny destination for his Turing Scheme mobility.

Be More than a Step Ahead for Your Future Career

Oliver wants you to know that to experience a place different to England is a life-changer and brings a wealth of opportunities to take into a future sporting career. He saw first-hand different training ideals and learnt from different people involved in specific sporting fields, from personal trainers at the gym to professional surfers at the beach. Oliver documented everything he heard in a diary that he carried with him everywhere – and took that back with him to the UK, invaluable information that he will use well into his future.

If you speak to Oliver, he will tell you that you can’t just jump on a plane and fly to Australia on your own, in the hope that you’ll gain the same experience without the help of TravelEdventures and the Turing Scheme. What he’s learnt presents him with a huge advantage over others seeking employment as a personal trainer or other in the UK – because it’s an experience that’s given him an enormous amount of insight into the sporting field (as well as an adventure in another country he’ll never forget). TravelEdventures also made sure that Oliver met the right people to help him take great leaps forward.

Don’t Pass Up the Turing Scheme or Erasmus+

So, if you get the chance to live, work and learn abroad on a Turing Scheme adventure (or Erasmus+ if you live outside the United Kingdom but in Europe), don’t pass it up – you will regret it! If you want to understand more about Erasmus+ and the Turing Scheme, why not get in touch with the TravelEdventures team here and discuss what we can do to help you get your application up and running (and accepted!).