What Locations Are Available for an Erasmus+ Trip?

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Madrid, Spain cityscape above Gran Via shopping street.

Embarking on an Erasmus+ trip as a student or other learner on a work or study placement is possibly the most exciting adventure you’ll ever experience! Not only will it bring you a wealth of opportunities in terms of future employability, but you’ll embrace a new country, new culture and new language. You’ll also meet people who’ll become lifelong friends and see a country through different eyes, not as a tourist but as a local. However, choosing which city to do your mobility in isn’t easy because Europe is full of incredible places just waiting to be explored!

In this piece, we’ll explore what locations are available for an Erasmus+ trip through TravelEdventures.

Top 30 Destinations to Choose From!

So – what’s available to you? This is one of the biggest questions we get asked! Did you know that we have our own Top 30 Destinations’ list that we recommend to our groups. Depending on the profile of your group, we’ll tailor a list of recommendations to perfectly match what you’re looking for.

We’ll Tell You What Destinations Fit Your Group’s Profile

All you need to do is get in touch with us and tell us a little about what you want to achieve for your Erasmus+ experience. We’ll discuss your group, your educational institution (school, college, university or other), the fields you’re looking at, your budget and anything else important in designing the perfect Erasmus+ trip abroad. Once we’ve got all that information in place, we’ll use our own experience (over 20 years!) and research the best matches for you. Expect us to present you with a list of four brilliant destinations, then it’s up to you to narrow it down to those that you’re interested in. Of course, our team is right there to help you with that all-important decision!

We Also Cover The Turing Scheme

Did you know, we also organise Turing Scheme mobilities? The Turing Scheme is the UK’s version of Erasmus+, which was put into place following Brexit. While it is very similar to Erasmus+, it is only open to British students, from the United Kingdom and other British territories. Additionally, the Turing Scheme offers a wider choice of locations for a work or study placement abroad, including outside of Europe – to far flung places such as Australia, the Americas and others.

Talk to the Experts at TravelEdventures

So, for more information on what thrilling trips you could organise for your student or other delegation, do contact the TravelEdventures team by clicking on this link. It will be the best decision you’ve ever made!