The Turing Scheme To Continue For Further 2 Years

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The Turing Scheme, the UK government’s programme to fund study and work opportunities across the world in replacement of Erasmus+, was initially launched as a one-year programme for the academic year of 2021-22 and has been extended for a further three years. Following the UK’s Spending Review, it includes a £110 million budget for the academic year 2022-23.

 Why Participating in The Turing Scheme Is So Beneficial

Participating in a Turing Scheme placement gives you the chance to develop new skills, gain vital international experience and boost your employability. You will also understand how to work in a professional environment, plus develop a wide range of soft skills, as well as enhance language skills. Additionally, the scheme helps you to build relationships with peers on an international level and gain fresh ideas along with better understanding of other cultures.


The Turing Scheme Is Already Making Positive Impact

The scheme saw a very positive uptake in its first year, after almost £100 million of funding was approved in the inaugural call for proposals. More than 360 successful applications were approved from universities, schools and further education and training providers across the United Kingdom, to support more than 40,000 students, pupils and learners.


Helping Students Towards a Global Future

The funding enables schools to create an inclusive portfolio of opportunities that suit students’ current circumstances and future career goals. It also builds students’ resilience, perseverance and confidence, as well as nurtures their global citizenship. These elements are particularly relevant in the current global financial crisis. They ultimately aim to prepare students in their future workplace and contribute to the UK’s international competitiveness

Completing a work placement abroad, for example, develops interpersonal skills (as mentioned earlier in this piece), such as team-working, communication and problem-solving. It also helps with personal confidence and technical knowledge, leading to improved employability prospects.

Looking at some of the social media posts of FE students completing some of the first Turing Scheme placements (in a range of enviable global locations), it’s easy to see young people putting their skills to the test. As well as making new, international friends, they have a great time too! On social media, past attendees’ testimonials are invaluable in helping future groups prepare and encourage other institutions to apply for funding.


Using Technology

The UK college sector has made good use of learning and teaching technology during the pandemic. Technology makes it much simpler, quicker and it’s a cost-effective way to communicate internationally. It is also invaluable to prepare for a successful overseas trip.


Travelling Has Eased Again

Whilst COVID-19 hasn’t gone away, international travel from the UK is becoming easier again. The Turing Scheme provides the chance for students to complete work and study placements in person, something that hasn’t been possible for a few years, and that sadly whole cohorts of young people have missed out on.