How the Erasmus+ eTwinning Platform Works

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Erasmus+ provides beneficiaries with a range of online platforms, networks and tools to increase the impact of cooperation. One of those is eTwinning which is particularly valuable for providing information and resources useful for preparing Erasmus+ projects and seeking out partners.  It’s also beneficial for training and recognition of skills, and for sharing best practices as well as studying project results. eTwinning is the largest European community of teachers active in collaborative projects between schools. Founded in 2005 as an initiative of the European Commission and currently among the Actions of the Erasmus+ 2021-2027 Programme, eTwinning is implemented through an IT platform that involves teachers getting to know each other and collaborating remotely in a simple, fast and secure way, all online. Since 2022, this community has been just one of the many tools available on the European School Education Platform (ESEP), the European platform for school education. 

 eTwinning aims to allow teachers to carry out remote learning projects (also called "e-twinning"), sharing methodologies, good practices and results, and planning objectives and collaborative activities for their students together with colleagues from schools in more than 40 countries.  

 With eTwinning, teachers can become part of an active community of practice, and find out more teaching opportunities due to planning, exchanging and collaborating, in a multi-cultural environment.  Furthermore, there are numerous training opportunities that are internationally recognised. 

 eTwinning is aimed at the participation of teachers of any subject and with any level of ICT and language skill, even for those on temporary assignments. There is no enrolment limit for any school. Teachers, school principals and other school staff, in service at educational institutions of all levels, public or equal can register with eTwinning.  There are no deadlines for registering with eTwinning with the exception of those applying for certifications, community awards or participating in specific training events.  


The interaction between the partner schools takes place within a private virtual area called "TwinSpace" which is an online workspace designed to encourage the direct participation of pupils and allow for customising of educational projects, providing tools and technologies optimised for communication and sharing of multimedia material in a simple, safe manner. 

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