How Does The Start of the Erasmus+ Process Work?

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TravelEdventures has been accessing Erasmus+ funding for schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutions across Europe for many years, so we know a thing or two about the whole process! We’ll tell you a little more in this piece to help you get to know what happens.

Who We Work With

Our role is to work with schools, colleges, universities and NGOs (and any organisation that wants to submit an Erasmus+ application). These aforementioned institutions normally get in touch with us because they want to do an Erasmus+ experience for their students. We’re also very well-known in our field, and often get recommended. At this point, we start the process.

At the very start, we explain how the process works, what the institution needs to do themselves to move forward and what we can do on their behalf (which is plenty because it’s a complex process that we’re used to dealing with ourselves).

Usually, the institution or NGO in question contacts us because we’re well-known in the Erasmus+ field with an excellent reputation – and that’s why our own organisation has grown to the scale it is today.

Any institution wishing to embark on an Erasmus+ begins by deciding what the demand is for their type of school or college, for example, they could be specialising in tourism, or marketing, or they may provide multiple courses in different fields for their students.

We Organise the Application Process

Next, as an example, perhaps a school, college or university wants to send 20 students as part of their training to do a work experience abroad in another European country. This is where we can provide service. We are able to take any school, college, university or other through how the application process works, we also provide the required partners in another country, and we work with qualified Erasmus+ application writers too. These are highly reputable, retired teachers who know exactly how to do this aspect perfectly, so they work for us helping other colleges and institutions looking for funding.

As an example, for a starter project we usually raise around 100,000 Euros for students and teachers to go on an Erasmus+ experience, whether it’s an internship, or to study and share knowledge, connect and see other cultures We help our partners access that first funding for the first year and then we grow their project for coming years.

So if you’re looking for a brilliant partner for your school, college, university or other’s Erasmus+ projects, do get in touch with our team to see how we can help you access funding, start the application process, find the right European partner and get you to your destination without fuss!